We offer five community events each year that celebrate our schools, the seasons, and our community. These events are significant in the lives of the children enrolled here, but they are also enriching for our teachers and parents.


The Lantern Walk is one of our most popular traditions. ChildRoots families and teachers meet at a park where paper luminaries light a windy path through the canopied part of the forest. Musicians sit under trees with violin, drum and guitar; serenading children as they collect treasures from their favorite teachers. The end of the path leads to fire dancers, who delight spectators both young and old.


Our Winter Faire is a special treat. To greet winter, we completely transform our Southeast location into a winter wonderland.  A sleepy bear reads books in our forest room, our Winter Fairy charms children with her fairy dust kisses, and our Ice Queen occupies an icy cave where children hunt for her crystals. We also have a gnome home children can visit and a wizard’s lair, complete with bubbling cauldron and magical spells. Teachers also showcase their crafts and sell delicious foods.  Face painters, puppet shows and festive music all add to this marvelous event. 


We welcome spring with our March Drum March. This event is a fun, puddle-stomping adventure where we create our own little parade and march together through sunshine or rain puddles to a nearby park. Children create their own Root Children costumes. Professional drummers join us as we form a huge drum circle. Everyone is encouraged to dance and sing at this spring event.


Day Near The Lake is a laid-back event where families and teachers come together at a nearby park for picnicking, play, and music. We share food and stories and welcome a lovely band to fill the park with music.


Preschool Graduation is a bittersweet goodbye to all the children who have grown with us. We honor families and their commitment to us, celebrate our children’s growth and achievements as they embark on their next big adventure in kindergarten, and give thanks to our teachers.