August News for Parents




Preschool Openings

We have several openings at our Northwest and Southeast centers for preschool-aged children! If you have friends that are looking for an exceptional preschool program, please send them our way.


PCC Updates

Our Parent Collaboration Committee has had an excellent first six months. Hearing your questions and concerns has been so valuable, and we’re looking forward to continuing our meetings in the new school year. New classrooms (and classrooms with graduating preschoolers) will need one or two PCC representatives that can commit to attending an hour-long meeting each month. Topics for these meetings are solicited from your classrooms, and can include any school or program-wide policies, philosophies, or concerns. Meetings are held with our executive director, Nina, on the 15th of each month.


Enrollment Changes

We are officially adjusting our enrollment procedures to provide for more consistency and better communication between our bookkeeping department, administrative office, and each school. If you’re interested in adding days to your schedule, I’ll be your new contact: If the schedule you’d like is available, you’ll be directed to our new change of enrollment form on the parent resource page of our website. Reducing or withdrawing days? You'll also be able to access this change of enrollment form online.


Upcoming Closures

Check out the calendar on our website to learn more about all of our upcoming events.

Friday, August 26th: Closed for teacher training and preschool graduation preparation. NW and SE graduation at 6:00.
Thursday, September 1st - Friday, September 2nd: Closed for new school year preparation
Monday, September 5th: Closed for Labor Day

We'll see all of you back on Tuesday, September 6th!


Teacher Wage Increases

We are delighted to announce that, for the second consecutive year, we’ve been able to offer substantial wage increases to each of our incredible staff members; effective in September. They work so, so hard; and we want to be able to offer them the support that they need to be able to make long-term commitments to us.