Fall 2017 Tuition Increase

Dear ChildRoots Families,

As a school for young children, ChildRoots advocates for the whole child.  We understand how important those first years are, and our organization is committed to supporting your child by providing a loving, nurturing environment and a high-quality program that emphasizes cognitive, social, and emotional development.  As educators, we continually strive to engage your child by providing high-quality materials and beautiful spaces to explore, emphasizing emotional education, nourishing your little one with whole foods, and paying close attention to every developmental milestone.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of teacher continuity in classrooms and strive to hire wonderful teachers.  Over the last several years, ChildRoots has worked diligently to improve job satisfaction and lower emotional burn-out, areas in which we have made great strides over the last year.  We also understand the highly positive impact of competitive wages in terms of staff retention, and we are happy to announce that staff hourly wages increased on average by $1.25 in 2016.  

To keep pace with mandated minimum wage hikes and general operational expense increases, on September 1, 2017, tuition rates will increase by 5% for all enrolled children.   

We understand that having predictable rates is important to your family budget, and we pledge to maintain the new rates through August 31, 2018.  

Effective September 1st 2017, tuition will increase to the below listed amounts:


  • 2 Day $  990
  • 3 Day $ 1,250
  • 5 Day $ 1,670


  • 2 Day $ 790
  • 3 Day $ 970
  • 4 Day $ 1,120 (grandfathered only)
  • 5 Day $ 1,270

It is a privilege to care for your child.  Thank you for being a part of the ChildRoots community. We look forward to a wonderful year together!


The ChildRoots Management Team