ChildRoots is an art- and science-based day care and preschool dedicated to providing superior childcare for children ages six weeks to six years in Portland, Oregon.

We see each child as an authentic, powerful individual. Our teachers are trained to provide a consistent, center-wide experience focused on social and emotional development, language acquisition, building self-esteem, and fostering a sense of wonder. Our awe-inspiring classrooms are designed to provoke curiosity, encourage inquiry, and allow for movement. Classrooms are child-focused: everything visible to children is available for their use, and the materials are continually adapted to suit their developmental needs and interests.


We are open from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday at our NE, NW, and SE centers. We offer three enrollment schedules: full-time (Monday-Friday), three-day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or two-day (Tuesday/Thursday). We do not offer a four-day enrollment schedule, nor do we offer half-day care.


Infant and toddler classrooms are separated by a six month age range from the youngest to the oldest child in the classroom. Children enrolled in a cohort stay with this same group of peers throughout their time at our schools. Infants who enroll with us as young babies graduate with the same cohort group 4-5 years later. These groups of children become very close, and families gain additional support from each other by having a network of others with children learning and growing at the same developmental pace. The continuity of friendships this enrollment approach supports requires that families make a long-term commitment to our school.

Our preschool classrooms offer a one year age range from the youngest to the oldest child enrolled in each cohort. Preschool classrooms have an age range of 3-4 years or 4-5 years. When a cohort of 5-year-olds graduates onto kindergarten and leaves our school at the end of August, we move the oldest toddlers into those preschool spaces to join the 4-year-olds.


ChildRoots is closed on major federal holidays, two additional days during the summer and winter for Professional Development, and for one week over the winter holidays. The preschool has two additional closure days for Parent-Teacher Conferences. For a complete list of 2017 closures, please see our calendar.