Art, Science and Emotional Education

ChildRoots is a progressive and thoughtful learning community in the heart of Portland for families with young children ages six weeks to six years. We make space for loud, exuberant play, plan for puddles, and take time for independence. We maintain nurturing and beautiful environments where children are treated with compassion, deep respect, and love. We strive to empower children to be their true, authentic selves. Through wonder, experimentation, and play; ChildRoots kids develop flexibility, resilience, and confidence.

Fostering Kindness and Celebrating Diversity

ChildRoots believes in respecting all people and celebrating diversity within our community. As educators, we strive to foster confidence, model compassion, and inspire mindfulness in our greater community. Our curriculum embraces inclusion and actively challenges prejudice, and we enthusiastically pursue resources and ongoing trainings that further our commitment to anti-bias education. We’re proud to honor and celebrate diversity; including (but not limited to) race, national origin, physical abilities, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation. 

We choose curiosity and kindness over fear, self-confidence and asking questions over discrimination and hate. By teaching young children, we strive to make the world a better place, and we’re proud to build a safe community that celebrates all people and promotes empathy and compassion.