The ChildRoots Curriculum


ChildRoots’ uses a holistic, arts- and science-focused curriculum modeled on the Project Approach style of education. Compared to traditional, systematic styles of afterschool care instruction, the Project Approach focuses on developing the “Whole Child.” ChildRoots promotes emotional, physical, and social health, and strives to intellectually challenge and support each child. With the Project Approach, our teachers accomplish this in a variety of ways.

On a curriculum-wide level, the Project Approach provides children and teachers opportunities for a more rewarding, engaging, and collaborative learning experience. Instead of having the teacher be the sole guiding force behind the curriculum, ChildRoots teachers design learning experiences based on the cohort’s interests and strengths. Letters and numbers are introduced and integrated into the Project Approach curriculum. With this approach, our teachers guide the cohort through topics of their choice at a pace they are comfortable with. On long-term projects, especially artistic exploration ones, children focus on the process and not just the result. Teachers guide and collaborate with children, giving them the opportunity to learn and explore individually or in small groups. ChildRoots also provides plenty of opportunities for spontaneous play, story time, and more.

Our curriculum also fosters emotional and social development through the fostering of community and self-esteem. Teachers encourage a learning center environment where individual differences are appreciated, clear expectations are set, and positive contributions to classroom life and learning are celebrated.

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