We require 60 days' notice to reduce enrollment or withdraw entirely. Requests for increased enrollment may be implemented as soon as space is available.


You may occasionally request to add an additional day to your child’s schedule based on availability. To do so, you must request the day from the director (by email or phone). Only the director may approve any additional days.

If there is an opening on the day you request, the director will complete an “Extra Day Attendance” form and notify the teachers of the change. Upon attendance, you must initial the form and detach the bottom portion to include with your payment.


To permanently add any days to your schedule, you must submit a “Change of Enrollment form." The director will then notify you of availability. Our ability to accommodate your request is subject to space availability in the classroom and your position on the internal wait list. Your position on the internal wait list is determined by the date we received your written request.

Extra days are $80 in all infant/toddler rooms and $60 in all preschool rooms.


We exclude ill children from the center when the presence of the child risks spreading an infection to the other children and when the ill child requires more attention and care than is available by the regularly scheduled staff.

In compliance with the Rules for the Certification of Child Care Centers and the State of Oregon, the Center shall not admit or retain in care a child who has one of the following symptoms, or combination of symptoms, or illness: Fever over 100.5 F taken in the ear; Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose, runny, watery or bloody stool); Vomiting; Nausea; Severe cough; Unusual yellow color to skin or eyes; Any eye lesions, eye discharge that is yellow or green in color (includes pink eye/conjunctivitis); Skin or rashes that are severe, weeping, or pus-filled, or are rapidly spreading while in care; Difficulty breathing or abnormal wheezing; Complaints of severe pain. If your child shows signs of any of these symptoms, s/he will be isolated within the center away from other children, and we will call and ask you to remove your child from the center as soon as possible.

Your child must be symptom–free for 24 hours without the aid of pain or fever reducers prior to re-admittance to the center.

We have a NO NIT policy – children with lice or nits will be asked to leave the center upon detection, and may not return until they are nit free.


ChildRoots is a pro-immunization community.  We give enrollment preference to families who commit to vaccinating their children according the State of Oregon immunization timeline, which is stated below:

ChildRoots enrolled students are required to have the following immunizations:  Tdap and polio series (2 months to 18 months), Varicella (18 months), MMR first dose (12 months), Hepatitis A (18 months), Hepatitis B series (2 months to 18 months), Hib series (2 months to 18 months).

We ask all enrolled families to sign a vaccination pledge, which is posted in a visible location within each school.   


An unscheduled closure may occur at any time if we consider attendance unsafe (i.e. power outage, icy roads, high winds, criminal in the area, etc.). If we decide to close for safety concerns, and your child is already at the center, then you will be contacted by phone for immediate pick up of your child.

Our highest priority is the safety of our staff members and families. In the case of snow or other inclement weather, ChildRoots will open if and when teachers can safely make it in. Any changes to our hours of operation will be posted to our homepage, and all families will be notified by email no later than 6:00 AM.