Promoting a Healthy Body and Mind with Outdoor Play at ChildRoots

childroots outdoor play.jpg

At ChildRoots, we focus on the development of the whole child. We believe this occurs through innovative learning both in and out of the classroom. Our art and science-based curriculum is rooted in collaboration between teachers and students, which allows them to develop intellectual and social skills faster than under a traditional learning approach. As part of ChildRoots’ overall program, outdoor play is a crucial tenant to child development. We make sure that each enrolled child, from infants to toddlers, goes outside at least once per day, rain, sun or shine.

Walks through the neighborhood are one way we foster a love of the outdoors at ChildRoots. Outdoor activities allow children to step away from the classroom, exercise, and get in touch with the various Portland neighborhoods we call home. Each ChildRoots locations has its own unique, ever-changing playground that every enrolled child gets to enjoy. Our playgrounds are designed to encourage gross motor movement, a key developmental benefit of outdoor play. Modern early education research suggests that outdoor play has additional cognitive benefits like increased creativity and social skills, besides the commonly known health ones.

ChildRoots’ playgrounds include rock pits for digging, stumps for climbing and running around, and water play in the summer. They are designed with the children’s interests in mind and follow modern playground safety standards.

ChildRoots’ outdoor play program and spaces are constantly changing to meet the needs of our students and promote a fun, healthy learning environment. If you would like to learn more about how outdoor play is integrated into our curriculum, contact us today or RSVP for a tour at one of our three Portland early learning and daycare centers!