Each child is assigned a primary care provider - a single teacher who is primarily focused on that child. Primary care providing allows children to build trust and bond more easily with their teachers. While both teachers in a classroom will be aware of and able to meet your child’s needs at any time, knowing that your child has one person at school who is particularly familiar with and tuned into his or her needs provides you with added security and ease of communication.


In addition to primary teachers, each classroom has a team of support staff.

The classroom specialist ensures that our core philosophies are being followed. The specialist is the expert in the field, and they will spend time in the classroom with your child's primary teachers.

The break support teachers guarantee that each primary teacher gets to leave the classroom for 10-minute breaks, one hour lunches, and to take time each week to document, reflect, and develop curriculum.

Substitute teachers also play an important role at our school. When teachers take vacations or need a day off due to illness, our school employs well-trained substitutes who are available to fill in as needed.


In our infant rooms, we are generally inspired by the work of Magda Gerber and her Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE). This means that we respect babies as people, value even the youngest baby as a whole, competent individual, and speak to and treat them as we would older children or adults. Since it is always our goal to allow children the time and space for self-discovery and self-learning, we allow infants to develop mobility and other skills at their own pace, never propping them or placing them in a position into which they cannot naturally move their own bodies.