Welcome to ChildRoots!

We’re so glad that you’re joining us! Your first week will provide you with all the training and tools you’ll need to have a successful start in your new role and will consist of:

  • Three days of “Why Training” with Christina “Nina” Unga, ChildRoots Visionary and Owner

  • Hands-on training at your center

“Why Training”

Nina leads an offsite group training we call “Why Training” in which you’ll be introduced to:

  • The ChildRoots approach to language and conflict resolution

  • Emergent curriculum, project-based and schema learning, and how to support them in the classroom

This training typically occurs on Wednesdays. Your Director will give you all the info about where and when.

Hands-On Training

We’ll introduce you to our school and discuss:

  • School-wide policies and procedures

  • Health and safety

  • Logistics and human resources

We’ll also orient you to your classroom and provide individual, hands-on training in:

  • Classroom policies and procedures

  • Our daily rhythms and the different learning opportunities you’ll be able to incorporate into each day

  • Maintaining a child-centered class environment

  • Parent communication

  • Primary care - food and rest

What to do before your first day

Compose a brief Bio and share a photo for posting at your center. Here’s a guide and some examples…

Also, there are several courses and certifications to complete, including:

  • Enrollment in Oregon’s Central Background Registry (CBR)

    • If you haven’t started the process, do so here. It can take a few weeks to process your application, so don’t delay!

  • Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect online course

  • Introduction to Health & Safety online course

  • Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certification - find and register for a class

  • Sleep Safety for Oregon’s Infants online course

  • Oregon Food Handler’s Card online course

Email evidence of completion of these to your Director ASAP!

What to bring on your first day

□ Yourself, dressed in comfortable clothing in which you can move easily

□ A notepad and pen or pencil to take notes

□ ID to show your identity AND authorization to work

□ Any certifications you haven’t already shared with your Director