We see all children as authentic, powerful individuals.

We recognize that a strong, consistent, and healthy bond between primary care providers and children is a necessary foundation for healthy growth, learning, and development.

Our teachers are co-learners. They are trained to observe, research, and support your child’s natural exploration of the world. Through open dialogue and side-by-side experimentation, teachers and children develop a “curriculum” together.

All of our staff model the behaviors we hope to foster in children: curiosity, engaged scientific investigation, and treating ourselves and each other with respect, wonder, and awe.

We value community not only in the classroom, but also in our neighborhood and among the extended families whose children attend our centers in Fremont, Northwest, and Southeast Portland, Oregon. Enrolled families are encouraged to attend a variety of annual community events that we host throughout the year.

We are committed to best business practices and early childhood education based on principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.