ChildRoots Locations

ChildRoots has three early learning centers located throughout Portland, Oregon. Offering premier preschool, day care, and child care services, ChildRoots has locations in Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast Portland for infants, wobblers, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Each location in the ChildRoots childcare network has primary care providers and a full support staff to ensure that each child receives the care they deserve. These trained support staffs consist of art studio directors, chefs, and more whose missions are to reinforce ChildRoots’ core philosophy and help build a sense of community. With child-led classrooms, curricula are developed collaboratively with the cohort’s interests to promote experiential learning. Children are served freshly-cooked, organic, vegetarian lunches and snacks and sleep according to their natural cycles.

Focused on dynamically engaging and stimulating children while promoting emotional wellness, ChildRoots is accepting applications for all locations. Learn more about our locations by clicking the links below. For a video view of all three learning centers, click this link.

Fremont Center

The ChildRoots Fremont Center is located in Northeast Portland and has four classrooms and cohorts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Northwest Center

The ChildRoots Northwest Center on Flanders St. has nine classrooms and cohorts for infants, wobblers, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Southeast Center

The ChildRoots Southeast Center on SE 17th Ave has ten classrooms and cohorts for infants, toddlers, wobblers, and preschoolers.