They allow and encourage each child to be himself and develop on his own time and in his own way. For infants, they follow the RIE approach, speaking to the babies authentically from day one. This continues throughout the toddler and preschool years, as they give the kids more and more opportunity to learn on their own and make their own choices. It’s a great way to encourage collaboration and cooperation rather than just following instructions. They create true bonds from day one and nurture them throughout their time there. The teachers are clearly in charge but they work together as a community and classroom, giving the kids’ voices value and meaning.
— Lauren G.
The pedagogy is best-in-class and the love for the kiddos is abundant. We ❤️ CR.
— John B.
My child attends preschool here and we love this school. The philosophy is all about respectful support for your child’s growth and development and they meet each child where she or he is developmentally in order to help them learn. Embedded in that is respectful language and supportive guidance to allow the kids to build skill (motor skills, cognitive skills, emotional skills, and communication skills) at their own pace. The teachers also build school readiness skills such as math and literacy through play, art, and by following the children’s interests. My daughter came home after her first day of school and announced that she had “the best day ever” and she continues to love her teachers and school.
— Kary R.
Our oldest, now almost 5, has created friendships starting at 8 months old, and we as parents have made friends too. It’s a great community! The preschool program is exceptional - it’s play based and also independently driven by the kids. So sometimes they discuss gender inequalities and write letters to the White House, grow vegetables for the homeless, or sometimes they’re really into tapeworms and the Titanic. Whatever it is, it’s so fun to hear about it!
— Annie D.
We are extremely grateful for the care the ChildRoots team gives her, day-in and day-out. It is not an easy job, as we all know, and we feel lucky that we get to drop her off at a place that, when we arrive in the morning (well, most mornings, at least...) she screams “SCHOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!” in her most excited tone. Every time we pull in, she knows where she is and seldom is she not happy to be there.
— Diane B.
We are so thankful for Ava’s year at Childroots. There were so many times that she brought language or behavior home that she learned at school and we were so appreciative of her learning in those ways. E.g. to respect other’s space, how to ask for things, jobs board, trying new foods, the list goes on and on. ChildRoots made our lives as parents easier by helping to teach her how to be a good person and helping us think of ways to make everyday tasks fun! I love that she knows so many different types of beans and grains now.
— Molly B.
I love ChildRoots! I’ve seen so many positive changes in my three year old since we enrolled him a few months ago. The administration and teachers are caring, attentive and very competent. I feel like he’s not only in good hands when I leave for work each day, but that people who actually care about his well-being and development are enriching his daily reality.
— Jennifer S.